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“When looking for work during university, managing your online presence is crucial. More often than not, companies will search for you on social media sites when considering your job application as 99.9% of us have online accounts. Whether that be Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, it’s important that you make yourself look as professional as possible. That doesn’t mean that you have to stop using them completely or post things like “I love hard work” – it can be as simple as changing your settings…” – amyjanealice is a website where you can search for anyone around the world. Any social network accounts that person holds will show up, along with any documents that mention their name. Even inactive and old accounts still appear. This would be an interesting way for potential employers to search for applicants, so it is essential that you manage this as best as possible. This can be done by changing settings on your public accounts to private while creating professional accounts and keeping them public. Professional accounts are a great way to show potential employers how serious you are about the job.


LinkedIn is an online social networking platform aimed towards the professional market. It is a place people can go to see the academic credentials of prospective employees.

It is likely that you’ll be looking for work very soon, and it is a good idea to build up your professional profile online – LinkedIn is a fantastic place to start, but you must make sure what you post online is relevant, this also applies to other


You can change your privacy settings on Facebook, so that when people search for you, you can appear as only a profile picture with your name, unless the person searching is your friend. Meaning that any future potential employers will not be able to see photos or posts that you are tagged in – only your profile picture.


Twitter accounts can be set to private, which means that your tweets cannot be read without someone asking to follow you. However, if you can keep your account public and manage what you post, then this may show to future employees that you are trustworthy and serious about working. Twitter can also be useful when looking for jobs in a desired sector, as if you have a clean twitter feed then you can tweet companies directly.


Instagram is one of the best ways to share your photos with your friends online, but while you’re sharing them with your friends you’re also sharing them with future employers and colleagues.

How many of you are cringing at the thought of your boss seeing the pictures of you drunk at your Aunty Christine’s party? Or of that hideously inappropriate Halloween costume you wore at Uni that one time?

My advice: Either have a professional Instagram which you update more often so that it’s higher on Google or remove or make your profile private so that no one else can access your images. Sadly once they’re on the internet they are there forever, so be cautious!


DMMP: mobile shopping

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A new article from suggests that shoppers are showrooming with their smartphones rather than shopping in store in order to get better deals, and of course save money.
Now is this good or bad news for the retailers?
From a good side they are still gaining sales and probably reducing returns as the consumers can see and try the products before purchasing, however is this then making the overheads of having a physical shop less cost effective if the sales are coming in online.
With this revelation surely businesses and retailers should be investing more in their online presence and their websites to make sure that they are as effective and user friendly to prompt sales as possible. A recent update on the Topshop app allows the customers to scan the bar odes of their desired item and find it on the app straight away, this is almost a way of propelling showrooming? The article by shows that here in he uk we are much worse for this habit than in the US.
Is the future of shopping on the high street going to be through getting online and mobile shopping involved? Will this force retailers like Next to update their tech and get on the App Store?
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DMMP Mobile Marketing

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